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This is an alpha product. Use CVS if you want to check it out. All disclaimers apply. Subscribe to the mailing list!

Pylets is an object- and aspect-oriented framework for making mod_python applications. It consists of two parts: Goals: "Don't reinvent the wheel." Read INSTALL for installation, docs for information.


ORMit is a super-light object-relational mapper that comes with Pylets.

ORMit is designed to be lightweight, transparent, and connection-free. Transparency was it's main goal: it will never hold onto a connection, and it will tell you exactly what SQL it is using. It resembles PyDO and SQLObject, for sure. It plugs into any DB-API 2.0 compatible connector that support pyformat, like psycopg.

If Pylet's motto is "Don't reinvent the wheel", ORMit's motto is "No magic!"


Pylets and ORMit are released under the Apache Software License. Contact frobenius at users sourceforge net for questions, or join the mailing list.